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I would just like to say at this time that every time I have called there and spoken to someone, there is such a high courtesy and friendliness level that it makes me feel very confident and relaxed. I know that I am in good hands, and I appreciate that very much. This level of professionalism and courtesy began from the very first time I contacted U.S. Hardship Group. You guys are doing a GREAT JOB!

Daphne, NJ

My husband and I were approaching retirement and were soon to be on a fixed income, and we weren't sure how we'd ever get all our credit cards paid off. The best thing I ever did was make that phone call! There's more happiness in our lives now. Everyone at U.S. Hardship Group was very, very helpful, and we were so pleased with the program. I would recommend U.S. Hardship Group to anyone who needs similar help.

Marcy, TX

It’s the first step and a big relief. I can only hope that the rest of my creditors will cooperate. Thank all of you very young people for your help. My pesky phone calls have decreased dramatically.

Julie, PA

U.S. Hardship Group definitely took the stress off and allowed me to get my life going in a better direction. It’s great to move past that very difficult time in my life.

Denise, CA

U.S. Hardship Group helped me dramatically. I had previously been enrolled in a credit counseling program that didn't work, but U.S. Hardship Group's program and knowledgeable staff made it simple.

Andrew, AZ

Prior to enrolling with U.S. Hardship Group, I could not keep up with my expenses and the minimum payments. I looked around for help and found that U.S. Hardship Group offered the best program and lowest monthly payments!

Jasmine, OH

Thank you for all of your commitment, your time and your efforts with me. You guys are lifesavers! I wish I had known about you sooner.

Pamela, TX

All of you have been so helpful to us, in your caring concern to get us out of debt! No one was ever rude to us or made us feel we were people not to be respected due to our foolishness getting ourselves into deep, deep debt. It's hard to find a way to thank each one of you today. We truly can't thank you enough for all you did for us. For all you did, know you are appreciated.

Michael & Sara, FL

Thank you! I was really excited to actually get results!

Tenaya, NV

Thank you all for your help and support.

Robert, FL

Thank you for all your hard work!

Mandy, MA

Thank you so much for all of your help so far. You have been a lifesaver!

Meghan, MO

FDCPA Violations (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act)

Consumer Education Program from a Nationwide Law Firm


U.S. Hardship Group works with a nationwide LAW FIRM to assist you in exercising your rights with your debt collectors. You can make certain demands as a consumer and we help with that.

The Consumer Education Program is provided to you at no additional cost and will help protect you and your family from abusive collectors. Any collector that harasses you or your family can be prosecuted and fined, allowing the Consumer Education Team to put money back into your pocket!

In order to have a fully successful program, you also need to know about common VIOLATIONS that collectors commit – day in and day out. If a collector is violating your rights and fails to play by the rules, you may be able to go after that collector, and that may result in having your debt eliminated, and may result in you receiving money as a result of their violation.  Understanding violations is an important component of your program!

As part of our commitment to you, we will arrange for you to have an Education Call with this nationwide law firm to discuss common violations. There are many things that you need to look out for, and the law firm will be able to explain some of those to you and answer your questions. We will also pay the law firm to have this Education Call with you. This law firm does NOT represent U.S. Hardship Group. They do NOT represent any creditors. They only represent consumers!

We will facilitate setting up the call after you have been fully enrolled and have received your Welcome Call.

After you receive your law firm Education Call, they will send you information about their regularly scheduled webinars. Also, there is no charge to attend the webinar. These webinars are a great way to understand different types of violations in greater detail, and they offer an opportunity for a lot Q&A which many clients find extremely informative.



  • Expedited Payoff:  Violations, which we help you identify, are forwarded to a nationwide law firm. Depending on the type and amount of violations, they may be used to reduce or eliminate your debt altogether.
  • Money to You:  In some instances, the violations are so significant that you may recover money from the creditor over and above what you owe the creditor.
  • No Fees or Cost:  Creditors and collectors are responsible for legal fees related to violations.  We refer you to lawyers who will not charge you fees for their services in pursuing your violations claim.
  • Results:  Over 20% of our clients have accumulated in excess of $200,000 in violations.
  • Credit Restoration:  As part of settlement agreements, creditors and debt collectors are required by law to report the account as settled.  If you retain the lawyers to whom we refer you to resolve the lawsuit, then the law firm will follow-up to make sure the appropriate credit reporting has occurred.
  • Deterrent Against Lawsuits:  What is the most effective defense against a threat of litigation? A lawsuit against the creditor for more than the balanced owed!
  • Education and Personal Attention:  We have engaged a law firm to provide you with an educational call to train you on how to look for violations.  The law firm also offers webinars that you can attend to further teach you how the violation process works.  Finally, the law firm provides a violations hotline that you may use to contact them with your questions or to discuss what you believe may be potential violations.
  • Student Loan Relief:  This strategy has been particularly effective with student loans debts, although it is available for credit card debt obligations as well.
  • No Court appearances:  Thus far, all lawsuits against creditors under $1 million have been settled out of court.



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